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The Hunt For Bambi’s Daddy August 10, 2010

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     I dress like a girl and act like a girl, for the most part.  I’ve been a tomboy my whole life and now I’m just a little more reformed.  It took me until I was about 18 to start wearing makeup and dressing more like a girl.  I love sports, camping, hunting, skydiving, construction, snowboarding, hiking, pit bulls, big trucks, cars, stereos, dirty jokes, and many other things that boys like.  Hunting is one of my activities that gets the most reactions, some good and some bad.

     I love the adrenaline rush you get when you pull the trigger on the big animal you have in your scope.  The relaxed breathing and total concentration when you exhale halfway and BAM.  The intensity make a clean kill that much better.  I’m a good shot and I’m proud that all my big kills are just 1 bullet.  I practice a lot to make sure of that.  I think I would be a little sad if I didn’t kill it on the first try, and ran up to a wounded animal.  I would take it out of its misery though. 

     The looks I get out hunting with the boys and how people judge me is quite entertaining.  My dad was so proud of me when I killed my first buck and then again with my trophy size antelope –  80 pts! One shot from over 250 yards away.  Bringing the antelope back into town was a great way to make about 50 grown men jealous.  I was pleased that my dad was proud, and that I succeed in doing something my family and I love.  I didn’t let my boyfriend, girl friends or vegetarian friends talk me out of it. I listened to their views but I have my own.  Hunting has been passed down in my family for years which normally just included the boys.  I took the initiative and told my dad I wanted to hunt which he was excited to teach me some tricks of the trade.  I’ve always thought being a boy was better, but now that I learned I can do almost everything a boy does, look like a girl, and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

     I’m sad that I didn’t pull any tags this year so it’s only birds for me this season.  That just means that I’ll get more practice and more points in for next years big game lottery.  Until then I will dream of taking out Bambi’s daddy as other girls cry because he’s dead 🙂



Where did the good old family dinner go? August 8, 2010

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     I’m so full from a good family dinner.  It was just my older brother, his family and I, but it’s always a highlight to my week.  I think that people have let family values slip.  There are so many kids that eat dinner in the living room with the TV on or in there room by themselves.  There is no conversation and no real family interaction. 

     Growing up we had a sit down family dinner every night.  If you missed dinner because of soccer or work you could guarantee there would be a plate for you in the fridge when you came home, and someone would be sitting at the table with you while you ate.  My family was very involved in my life and by showing some interest in me they kept me from being the emo kid with no friends that writes poems about death and listens to goth. 

     It is so nice to see my brothers and other family members keep up with our family values.  They have sit down dinners with their families every night where they just simply talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Just a simple 30 minutes a night could change your life and your family’s life.  Some interaction, involvement and interest are what families are lacking.  So stop worrying about how much money you can make because if you aren’t spending time with your family you are missing the really important things in life.


Nevada Weather August 7, 2010

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     You got to love Nevada weather.  I’ve lived in the Northern Nevada area for over 24 years and have seen many weird/crazy weather incidents.  This year I have experienced snow in June and today was a thunder storm as we were floating the Truckee River.  I remember playing soccer for competitive teams and trying to pick the way the wind was blowing to be on your side.  You never got it right because weather in Nevada is unpredictable, just like life. 

    Living in Nevada you get an early start on dealing with unpredictability.  You have to be ready for anything and you have to take it all in with a smile.  You adjust and you conquer because if you don’t you just let the little things in life you life you can’t control have control of you.   From a snow storm in summer to a sudden thunder storm while floating the river, life will throw you curve balls and all that really matters is how you respond.   Everything in life is a learning experience, so respond, live and learn, and you will have much more control of your life.


Slow Down August 5, 2010

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     Everyone is so wrapped up in their own life that they don’t take the time to slow down and see what’s really going on.  Today’s world is go go go, and some people think you’re lazy if you actually stop to enjoy the day.   Those people can kiss my ass! Smelling a flower, listening to someone play music on the sidewalk, and watching little kids run around and play are just some of the things we take for granted every day. 

     Remember what it was like to smile and watch someone else smile.  Well if you don’t remember it’s because you don’t smile enough.  Yesterday I was leaving class and there was a band playing in the quad of the university.  I was in a hurry to get home and I almost didn’t stop.  I love live music, but I was going to let other things get in the way of letting me stop and enjoy the beautiful sound of talented musicians.  I’m glad I rethought my decision as I walked by because now I’m typing a blog, smiling, relaxing, listening to great local musicians, and watching families spend time together.  Just taking a minute to slow down has made my day 10 times better.  You should try it.

     The key to success and life is to slow down.  If you are going too fast you will never truly find what you are looking for.  If you slow down, take it all in, really look at yourself, and what you want, you will find it without all the hustle and bustle.  Money will always be there, but slowing down and finding happiness will make everything else in your life more fulfilling.  Stop whatever you’re doing, take a breath, look around, smile and go do something you really enjoy.  Have a good rest of your day!!  🙂


Love a Dog, Especially a Pit Bull :) August 4, 2010

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    Going anywhere with my dog is very amusing.  Now everyone thinks that of their dog, but my dog makes people cross the street in fear.  She is a 90 pound boxer /pit bull mix and she scares people to the point that I have to laugh because she doesn’t even bark – she just looks at them.  People judge her and see a big and violent dog because that what people are trained to believe from our media and their own fears.  What’s funny is if you actually came up to my dog the worst she would do is lick you to death. 

     I took my dog to the vet yesterday, and when people would enter the vet’s office they would look our way and then walk the other way.  I heard one lady say look at the big pit bull with that little girl.  I had to laugh out loud because my goofy dog thinks she’s 25 pounds instead of 90. She is a lover of all animals and other people, especially kids.   I’m a firm believer of blame the deed, not the breed.  A pit bull is like any other dog, and just like any other dog they are only as mean as they have been trained to be. 

     There are many pit bulls in rescues and the humane society.  They make up over 50% of your local shelter and are euthanized daily.  You have to meet special regulations to adopt a pit bull (such as have a tall enough fence, meet an age limit, etc).  I can honestly say that my rescue boxer/pit mix is the best dog I have ever had in my entire life, and I have had over 10 dogs.  Even if you don’t save a pit bull please look into the rescues and humane society instead of spending the hundreds of dollars from a breeder or store.  Dogs from the humane society and rescues normally cost around $100 and come fixed.  Petfinder.com is how I found my dog and the site is nationwide.  It allows you to look at shelters, rescues and humane societies.  Now you have the tools to go find your next best friend/family member, so go save a dogs life and make yours more amusing. 🙂

     P.S.  To anyone who read my previous blog, I did buy my dog a bacon cheeseburger today for having to stay the night at the vet’s office 🙂


Good Vets and Pet Insurance could save you $$ August 2, 2010

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     Why is it that veterinarian offices can charge more for a surgery on a pet than it would cost for a surgeon to perform the same procedure on a human?  I have seen so many examples of this and it saddens me because there a lot of people in the world that will pay extreme amounts of money for their animals.  I always said if my dog costs me more than $1500 that I would never pay it.  Well I can eat my words because my dog goes in for her first knee surgery tomorrow. Thankfully I was able to find a vet that would do it for half the price of her normal vet.  I was able to find the new vet easily because I put my issue on my facebook page and told some friends by word of mouth.  I feel comfortable taking my dog to the new vet because I’ve only heard good things, and he is recommended by many people.

     To think without my network I would have paid over $3000 a knee for my dog.  The poor girl ruptured both her knees, and I can’t stand to see her in pain so I am going to pay it.  I even got her a CARE credit card which I also found out about because of my network. I looked into many of the referrals I received from friends, co-workers, and my social media network.  From there I was able to find a good veterinarian in less than a day.  I’m now paying $1400 a knee from a reputable vet in town and all it took was utilizing my network, just amazing!!

     I also found out about pet insurance through many of the people I told my issue to.  I now know how inexpensive it is to buy if your animal doesn’t have a pre-existing condition.  I wonder if Obama is going to get rid of pre-existing conditions for dogs also (a little joke in reference to our health care reform). A friend of mine pays a flat rate of $20 a month because he bought the insurance when his dog was a puppy.  I did some research on pet insurance and there are many great deals out there on puppies and mature animals.  My next dog will have pet insurance no matter what!! 

     Off to the vet my 4 legged child goes for her surgery, and her first time ever staying overnight at a vet’s office.  I may have to get her a cheeseburger when she gets home.


First Impressions Can Change Your Life July 30, 2010

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     First impressions are important in whatever situation you are in.  People are judging you and you are judging people whether you want to admit it or not.  It starts on how you look and then to your introduction.  Most importantly you want to look approachable.   Someone may have heard of you but if you look like you haven’t showered in 3 days you might lose that chance at an introduction.  Smile and look like you are enjoying life if nothing else. 

     After being approached or approaching someone, the next step in the first impression would be your handshake.  Ladies do not shake with a couple fingers!! Man or woman you want a good firm handshake.  I take pride in the fact that I have been complemented on my handshake by many men and women. 

     Now time it’s time for small talk.  Here is where you attitude and mannerisms really matter.  Now is your chance to gain some respect and maybe even some trust.  Get to know the person you are talking to and be sincere.  Tell them a little about yourself, and not just the typical I work here and go to school there.  Let them in and talk about a passion of yours, or give them a little more personal insight of who you really are.  Putting yourself out there will allow them to open up and trust you with their views and values.  Also, by putting yourself out there you will be able to see how the person reacts to your honesty and values.  You may not make a friend or contact every time but you never know unless you try.  

     You want to find people you relate to and that can help you build your community, both in person and in social media.  In a seminar by Esteban Kolsky he said, “Your community is your mouth piece, not the individual.”  You want a community that you respect and that respects you.   Your community starts with your friends and family, and grows through the people you meet in the real world and online.  Always remember, no one really wants a person in their community that can’t even make a good first impression because your impressions reflect onto your community.